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We are Convident

At Convident, we create the coolest websites and webshops every day. In addition, we offer converting online marketing (SEO, SEA, and Social) campaigns! We have over 15 enthusiastic colleagues, but we’re looking for more. More and more organizations and companies want to work with Convident. So, we also need more people. People who are full of enthusiasm and give 100% effort! And for those people, we are willing to pull out all the stops.

The right people

You either love our business, or it’s not for you; there’s really no middle ground. We are open to everyone but strict in our selection policy. This way, we only hire the right people. We believe that if you treat your employees well, it ultimately results in happy customers and partners. A healthy financial result follows from this. So, we place great value on our employees. This is evident from a good lunch to fun team outings, but also in a close-knit company culture. We also like to give young talent a chance. The strength of our team is that we are all in this together; together, we embody the Convident culture!

Our core values

The core values indicate what we can expect from each other and what we stand for. At Convident, we have 4 core values:

  • Personal and accessible.
  • Collaboration through knowledge sharing.
  • Reliable and goal-oriented.
  • Socially responsible.

What do we offer?

Together, our goal is to make our clients work efficiently and become true fans of Convident. And that starts with our own employee fans!

  • Salary at your level.
  • Flexible working hours.
  • Option to work from home or office.
  • Enthusiastic colleagues.
  • Informal work atmosphere.
  • Weekly lunches.
  • Team outing every quarter.
  • Training budget.
  • Space for social projects.
  • Personal development.
  • 25 days off.
  • Successful clients.
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What does working at Convident look like?

Our colleagues are eager to tell you all about Working at Convident. Project Manager Dirk-Jan says, "The work atmosphere at Convident is personal and informal. You can always turn to colleagues with questions, and we have a (healthy) interest in how you're doing. As a team, we work on solutions for our clients. Everyone brings their own specialty and knowledge transfer is very important to us. We make our knowledge available and build sustainable relationships together. There's plenty of room for personal development. Based on KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), we evaluate your personal goals monthly, which you have set together with Convident. In addition, we offer internships and work experience positions for new talents. The organization is constantly evolving, which means that no day is the same. There are plenty of opportunities for professionals who want to take the next step in their career."

Socially responsible entrepreneurship

Convident goes a step further. Besides exciting client projects and great colleagues, we are very passionate about Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Each year, we support social projects and we have our own Convident foundation! Every year, the Convident foundation selects a project with a charitable cause, which is broadly supported across the organization by our own people. How?

  • We donate a portion of our profits to a charitable cause.
  • We encourage our customers, partners, and relationships to donate as well.
  • Convident serves as the digital partner for the cause.
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Since 2015

Our company name Convident is derived from the English word Confident. Our V stands for Trust. You can count on us, which is something we already convey by just pronouncing our company name. At Convident, it’s not just about satisfying customers and successful cases. We connect, educate people, care for each other, are involved in social initiatives, and invest in sustainability projects. We are proud of that!

Since 2015, Convident has evolved into the go-to agency for advanced sites, shops, and web applications. As a full-service digital agency, we offer online solutions that directly contribute to our clients’ business results. With over 15 employees and a portfolio of more than 150 clients, we create new success stories every day!

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