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We are Convident

Daily, Convident works on the most fantastic website, webshops and web applications. We deliver the best quality with the newest techniques. We have over 15 spirited colleagues, but we are in search of more. Because more and more organisations and enterprises want to work with Convident. Therefore we need more people, who are full of enthusiasm and are motivated at the start of each day. For these people, we will bring out all the stops.

The Right People

You either like our business or you do not, there is no in-between. We are open to everyone but are strict in our selection process. That is how we only recruit the right people. We believe that treating your employees well results in happy partners and clients, which in its turn results in a better financial situation. Therefore our employees are definitely an added value at Convident. This is reflected in nice lunches or fun team outings, and also a solid corporate culture. We also like giving opportunities to young talent. The strength of our team is that we stand together to support our Convident culture!

Our Core Values

The core values show what we can expect from each other and at Convident we have 4 core values:

  • Personable and accessible.
  • Collaboration through knowledge.
  • Trustworthy and goal-driven.
  • Societally involved.

What does working at Convident look like?

Our colleagues would like to inform you about Working at Convident. Project manager Erik: “The work environment at Convident is personable and informal. When you have questions, you can always ask your colleagues and everyone’s interested in each other’s wellbeing. As a team, we work on finding solutions for our clients. Everyone brings their own expertise and we value that everyone shares their expert knowledge. We make our knowledge available and build sustainable relationships together. There is plenty of room for self-improvement and development. Through KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators), we can evaluate the personal goals you made together with Convident on a monthly basis. Aside from that, we also offer internships and apprenticeships to our new talents. The organisation is active on many fronts, which means that no day is the same. There is an abundance of opportunities for professionals that want to take the next step in their career.”

Convident likes to take it a step further. Aside from interesting client projects and friendly colleagues, Convident receives joy from corporate social responsibility. That is how we support social projects, yearly, and we also have our own Convident foundation! Each year, the Convident foundation selects a project around a charity, that will be carried out by our people. But how?

  • We donate a part of our profit to a charity.
  • We encourage our clients, partners and relations to also donate.
  • Convident is available as a digital partner for the charity.
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