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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Employees are the key to success! That is why it is important to get acquainted in a short period of time, to find out if it is a match. No doubt that you have some questions and, we also have some for you!  We would like to answer these during our first meeting. But to make it a little easier, we have already lined up several Frequently Asked Questions (and answers).

More about Convident

About Working at Convident

At Convident, we work with a spirited team of 12 employees and, the relationship with our employees is as valuable to us as our client relations. This is obvious with the four core values of Convident. As a consequence, there is a rather informal atmosphere at Convident, which leaves a lot of space.  That is how our employees of the different departments can collaborate closely to deliver a balanced product. Besides that, we ensure that there is also enough space to relax and do fun activities together after working hours. That is how team outings and drinks on Friday afternoon contribute to the Convident feeling!

At the moment, working from home has increased due to the covid pandemic. Working from home can disrupt the balance between your work life and your home life. A disrupted work-life balance can result in stress and great discomfort.

At Convident, we attach great importance to your work-life balance. We will do anything to ensure lifelong health and inspiration so you can be sustainably employable, with an optimal work-life balance. That is why there is always the possibility to have a conversation within Convident when you notice you are losing the balance between your work and home life. Subsequently, we will find solutions to ensure you feel comfortable!

During the current global COVID-19 pandemic, there is a lot of work from home at Convident. Under ‘normal’ circumstances, we prefer to be sociable with our colleagues at the office. When you have tasted the environment at Convident, then you will not want to miss it! Although it might be possible that you would prefer to work (partly) from home. After discussion, this is possible. We would like to start a conversation with you to look at all the possibilities, where we keep in mind the work-life balance. To easily work from home, you can receive a laptop. Although this completely depends on your job position.


It is of course normal that you will have to adapt to a new work environment, so keep that in mind. During the first weeks at Convident, guidance is always possible when necessary. On Monday morning, we always start with a weekly meeting, where we discuss the schedule of the coming weeks. During this week you will work on brilliant projects with your colleagues. Sometimes this is within the department, you are a part of. Furthermore, you will quite often collaborate with colleagues in other departments so you can realise customisation for the clients of Convident. When the weather is nice, we spend our half an hour break on the balcony and, during colder weather we prefer to lunch inside. At the end of the week, on Friday, we close the week with a nice drink. And every so often, it happens that a colleague challenges someone else to an exciting game of FIFA or Formula 1.

Yes, that is certainly possible!

We give everyone the space to grow on a professional and personal level. We invest in you with, amongst others, training programmes, courses and KPI meetings. At Convident, we believe that different employees need different training programmes or courses to improve their personal development. That is why we do not have an outlined process of training programmes and courses, instead, we offer a customised option for the concerning employee. When an employee needs a training programme or course, we can always discuss what the most suitable arrangement is. A nice example is an online marketeer of ours that wanted to master the ins and outs of a Google Tag Manager. He notified us and through a partner of ours, we were able to realise an elaborate training programme. That is how we invest in a better and sustainable future together. Above all, there are a lot of career opportunities within Convident, which is also a part of our focus on sustainable employment.

The Application Process

Brilliant that you want to work at Convident! We are always in search of driven trainees, starters and professionals. Applying at Convident is very easy. Under each vacancy, we give you the possibility to fill in your contact details and to add your CV and motivation letter. Afterwards, you can submit your application. Would you prefer to stop by to get acquainted or have a day of shadowing? That is certainly possible. We would like to discuss the options with you! So definitely review the most suitable information on the vacancy page. For more information about the specific fields of expertise within Convident, you can look here.

Yes, that is definitely possible! Although you should try and see if you can react to an existing vacancy as specific as possible. When this is not the case, then you can contact our HR expert. They can look up if there are suitable vacancies available for you.

You have submitted your contact details, your CV and your motivation letter during the application. We understand that you are curious about the outcome of the application, but obviously, we want to give everyone equal opportunities. This means that you can expect a reaction after 10 working days about the (potential extension of the) procedure by Convident. Do you have questions and/or remarks in the meantime? Then you can always contact the HR manager that is named in your vacancy.

After the submission of your application, you will receive a confirmation e-mail at the entered e-mail address, this can take several minutes. In case you have not received a confirmation e-mail, do not hesitate to contact us.

It depends on the number of candidates that react to the vacancy. The vacancy is open until we have found a suitable candidate. Should we be in search of several candidates? Then we will leave the vacancies available until we have filled in all the positions, which means we are extremely curious about your application. At Convident, we review all candidates with the same due diligence.

You find the contact details of the HR expert under the vacancy in question.

Sorry to hear that you did not receive the position, but there are definitely other opportunities or possibilities. Because applying is a snapshot, we may still cross roads once more at a later stage of your life, you as an applicant and Convident. Even though you were denied the position, you can always give it a positive spin by asking us for feedback. We are prepared to inform you why you did not receive the position, to ensure that you make a stronger stand during your next application.

Tips and Tricks for your Application

It is important to be well prepared for your job interview. That is how you ensure that you are aware of all the relevant items and, you will find out if the vacancy suits you. Below you will find a few tips you can use when preparing for your job interview:

  • To have an image of Convident that is as extensive as possible, you need to research the business. For example, do not solely look at this website, but also the general website. Here you can find information about our ambitions, services, employees and core values. That is how you get a complete image of Convident, and you will have specific examples ready to connect to your personality.
  • Besides the business, also research the position you are applying for. With an extensive image of the position, you will know what to expect. Furthermore, it can also be extremely useful to have a conversation with someone within your environment that has a similar job position. Ask them after their daily working activities with the position and other related subjects.
  • Ensure that you have thought about your competencies and pitfalls beforehand. During your job interview, this is a possible question. It appears impressive when you can illustrate your competencies with some specific examples. The same applies to your pitfalls. A good self-reflection will be extremely useful because you know your points of improvement and what you still need to further improve.
  • During the conversation, behave like yourself and stay honest about the things you name. As said above, it appears impressive when you can explain your competencies and pitfalls. Just be yourself, besides a bit of healthy tension during the interview, is not bad.
  • Also, prepare questions that you want to ask Convident during the job interview. Maybe there is something that is not yet entirely clear to you or, you have a question about something else within Convident. Remember that job interviews are always fueled by reciprocation because at least two people are present during the job interview. Convident wants to know if you fit within the company. And even more importantly, you want to know if Convident suits you.

Naturally, every job interview is just a little different. At Convident we want to find out what kind of person you are. That is why different subjects will be featured. You can, for example, expect some personal questions such as; describe yourself as a person or what are your strengths and points of improvement?

Besides that, we would like to know more about your job experience. Examples of this are: what did you do before this? Which performance are you the proudest of and why? But also your work style and, if you are a team player, are things we find interesting to hear.

Furthermore, you can always expect questions about the position you are applying for. So be well prepared and think about what makes you the perfect fit for this position and if there are other cases that you, for example, still have to learn for the job position.

At last, practical items can be discussed, such as, how many hours a week you want to work or other useful items, to discuss shortly.

A job interview is always fueled by reciprocation because at least two people are present during the job interview. The discussion is also interesting for you to see if the job position and Convident suit you. It can therefore be useful to prepare some questions that you can ask during the conversation.

These can be about the expectations towards you. For example: What do you expect of me? What is my role altogether? What do my daily work activities entail?

Besides that we have questions about the job position for you, maybe you also have some for us. So do not hesitate to ask questions about what the job position exactly entails or what the challenges within the function are?

Lastly, you can always ask your discussion partner for their experience at Convident. They can always tell you about the culture within Convident or the atmosphere amongst the different departments. Examples are: Out of how many people do the departments consist of? What are the goals of the departments at Convident? What are the general developments at Convident?

We advise you to wear clothes that are representative of you, in which you also feel comfortable.

Internship, Apprenticeship or an Additional Job

Great that you want to do your internship at Convident! On this page, you can read all the current internships available at Convident. This entails (graduating) internships on different educational levels. That is why there are internships for the web development department, the online marketing department and potentially the support department.

Convident likes to give motivated young talent an opportunity. As an intern at Convident, you are viewed as a full-fledged part of the team. This means that you will help the team with reaching their goals. On average, interns tend to have an internship of 5 to 6 months at Convident. During this period, they learn a lot about us and, in turn, we also learn a lot from them. Curious about the internship possibilities? View our internship vacancies!

For more information about the expertise fields at Convident, you can go here. On this page, there are detailed descriptions of the services that Convident offers its clients. Which will give you a better view of all the different services that our expertise fields offer. And maybe you immediately are interested in one specific expertise field?

To see the current internships, you can click here? A lot of interns have gone before you and have shared their employee journey stories. Read here their experience when it comes to their internships at Convident. They are the best people to inform you about how their internship at Convident went and what they will remember after their internship has ended.

An apprenticeship is certainly a possibility at Convident. Through apprenticeships, the respective person is able to learn new things from Convident and develop themselves. But besides that, we can also learn a lot from you! In the past, we have offered several apprenticeships and, in the future, this is still open for discussion. Apply through the open application vacancy or just contact us to see the possibilities.

No, we only offer working positions to our (permanent) employees and interns.

Terms of Employment and Educational Programmes

We are constantly looking for new colleagues. We are open to everyone, but we are strict during our selection policy. That is how we ensure that we employ the right people, that fit within our tight-knit business culture. This results in a stronger team that stands together to support our Convident culture! Please take the time to read the current vacancies or apply through an ‘Open Application’.

There are different current vacancies at Convident. Every vacancy mentions which working or thinking level is expected, based on the level of education. Of course, there is always the possibility to fill in an ‘Open Application’, where you can mention your educational level.

Do you not fulfil the requirement within the current vacancies, but do you still want to apply? Then you can apply through an ‘Open Application’. We would like to contact you to discuss all the possibilities!

Practical Items

The Convident office is within a walking distance of the centre of Groningen and the Noorderplantsoen. With public transport, it is easily reached. Buses stop nearby and the train station is 5 minutes with the bicycle. By car, it is also easily accessible.

It is possible to park in front of the Convident office. Caution: these are parking spaces for which you have to pay. At a walking distance, there are parking spaces, where you can park for free. There are also bike racks available, destined for the bicyclers, right in front of the Convident office.

At Convident, we are partly present at home and partly at the office. When at the office, we keep enough distance, air everything out and resources are available to disinfect. For each employee, we review each situation and what is the most suitable choice.

Normally yes, but due to the current working from home situation, standard travel reimbursement is not given to our employees. May an employee come to the office, then this can be declared.

Convident offers all employees 5 extra days on top of the legal amount of leave of absence.

For questions about websites, webshops or online marketing you can go here. You can choose to phone us, fill in the contact form or stop by our office. Contacting us is always without obligations. We react and give an extensive amount of information within one working day.


There are different ways to contact us. You can ask your question about a specific expertise field directly to our HR expert. If you have questions about the vacancies, then you can directly contact the contact person, who is mentioned at the bottom of every vacancy page. You can of course also contact us by sending an e-mail or phoning us. Contact details you will find on our Contact page.

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