Employee Story

Intern Online Marketing

Zura Isebiya
Online Marketing
Date of publicity: 24 August 2021

Intern Experience of Zura Isebiya

Curious about the internship experience of Zura Isebiya? Read here the findings of Zura.

1:How did you generally experience your internship at Convident?

What I really liked during my internship at Convident, was the amount of responsibility I was given. You are allowed do to do a lot when you show how motivated you are. You learn from this and besides that, you are also able to apply your knowledge. You are also often asked for your opinion, which makes you feel like a valued colleague and employee in the company. When you do not understand something or if you have a question, they will help you very quickly and well. To summarise, it is a nice internship spot, that I would recommend to others!

2: Were you well received by our colleagues?

The employees within the organisation are very friendly and are always open to help. Even when you work in a different department, they will always try and help you. The communication is also quite nice, they use the program “Slack” for internal communication. With this, you can chat and video call each other, it definitely comes in handy when you are working from home (Corona).


3: Would you recommend future interns to do their internship at Convident?

Certainly! If you are looking for an internship where you can actively participate, look no further than Convident. I highly recommend it, because you learn a lot, there is always something to do and you are given a lot of responsibility.

4: How would you rate your internship at Convident and why?

I would rate it at a 9 and this is why:

  • Questions were answered well and quickly, because of which I could get on with my work.
  • I received a lot of information and explanations, that caused me to be more efficient.
  • I was frequently asked how it was going and if I was having trouble, they did not mind helping me.
  • Every Monday of the week, there was a videocall or face to face conversation held with the marketing and communication department. During these meetings, there were possibilities to ask questions and to have discussions. We also talked about what was on everyone’s agenda for the week. This gave a good image of what everyone was going to do and you could plan meetings with people if it was necessary.
  • I received a lot of feedback on what I made and what I was making.



5: What are you remembering after your chapter at Convident?

The work activities were fun and educative. I was able to improve my learning outcomes and absorbed a great amount of knowledge and experience. I have also learned a lot during the internal projects we worked on. Here, I did not only expanded my knowledge about SEO, Webdesign and (online) marketing, I also bettered my personal skills such as responsibility, communication, collaboration and problem-solving. Thanks to all the responsibility that I received, it felt like a real job, which made my internship a wonderful experience!

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