Employee Story

Intern Accountmanagement

Simon Nolden
Date of publicity: 3 January 2022

The internship experience of Simon Nolden

Curious about the internship-work experience of Simon Nolden? Read below about Simon’s thoughts.

1: How did you experience your internship-work at Convident (overall)?

Generally very positive. Of course, there have been days when something goes wrong. But the willingness to help from the people at Convident was always there. It’s a nice close-knit group of people.

2: Did you feel accepted by our colleagues (working atmosphere)?

Yes, absolutely, I also walked with several people and so I quickly found out what everyone’s role was. I always knew who to turn to.


3: Would you recommend future interns to do an internship at Convident?

Yes, this is a great first step to ‘sniff out’ sales. For people who study commercial economics, it is ideal to start with a certain form of acquisition and customer contact.


4: How would you grade your work at Convident and why?

7.5 – a large enough. I am grateful for the internship and the experience I was able to gain. It was always fun to do my work.

5: What will you take from Convident for the rest of your career?

The way of communication within an organization and towards the customers. Also certain smarts towards my first job as an account manager in order to dare to acquire and to be distinctive with my approach.

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