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Online marketer

Sander Kooi
Online marketing
Date of publicity: 11 March 2022

The work experience of Sander Kooi

Are you curious about the employee journey of Sander Kooi? Read below about Sander’s thoughts.


1: How did you experience your work at Convident (overall)?

After my studies I came to Convident because I wanted to learn more about SEO and SEA. During my studies I had a small-scale webshop, which actually started my interest in SEO, SEA and online marketing.

In a relatively short period of time I learned a lot about SEO and shortly afterwards I had the opportunity to delve more into SEA. In the end I made the choice to focus mainly on SEO. Making websites and webshops easier to find through organic search results was and I think is a very cool idea. We are now several years further and the principle within Convident has not changed. Everything is possible and you can schedule your work independently, so that no day is the same. So you can sit in the office one day to fully focus on customer assignments, and get in the car the next day to have conversations with existing or future customers.

All in all, an incredibly varied position where no day is the same. In addition, I get the time to keep developing myself, to test new techniques and to schedule training sessions when I deem it necessary.


2: Did you feel accepted by our colleagues (working atmosphere)?

At the time, I was very well received by colleagues, the atmosphere within the team is friendly, relaxed and collegial. The working atmosphere is still very nice, a game of gaming and a good Friday afternoon snack contribute to this.


3: Would you recommend future employees to work at Convident?

Absolutely! The working atmosphere and the work are very nice. No assignment is the same and every entrepreneur is different, which makes the work diverse and challenging. You will also be given the opportunity to continue to develop and to test new developments (internally).


4: What grade would you give to your work at Convident and why?

I definitely give working at Convident an 8. Personally, this is because there is so much possible and the work is incredibly varied. We work towards a goal, but you are free to decide how you want to achieve that goal. This is of course in good consultation, but if you have a good idea you are free to use it. This challenges you to keep up with the latest trends and developments so that you can use this at work.

5: What will you take with you from your Convident experience through the rest of your career?

Online marketing is extremely important for every company. I will, of course, take my knowledge and skills in the field of SEO, SEA, and Social marketing with me to my new career. In addition, at Convident I learned how to manage many projects at the same time and how to keep an overview. I think this is an extremely valuable skill that I can use in my further career.

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