Employee Story

Front-end developer

Robert Oosterloo
Front-end developer
Date of publicity: 30 December 2021

The work experience of Robert Oosterloo

Are you curious about the work experience of Robert Oosterloo? Read below about Robert’s thoughts.

1: How did you experience your work at Convident (overall)?

I experienced working at Convident as a warm bath. Before I came to work at Convident I only knew colleague Kris within the company, but after working at Convident for a few days I felt like I had been working there for years.


2: Did you feel accepted by our colleagues (working atmosphere)?

Yes, friendly colleagues and nice atmosphere. What stays with me most is how well colleagues help each other with possible problems or sharing knowledge.


3: Would you recommend future employees to work at Convident?

Yes, of course. During my working period we mainly worked with starters. Today, the agency has grown with mediors and seniors. It is a great place to increase your knowledge.


4: What grade would you give to your work at Convident and why?

An 8/10. As mentioned, a good atmosphere and very nice colleagues. During my working period, the company was mainly under construction and we worked hard on customer projects. I would have liked to have seen more own WordPress developments (even at the time). Sometimes we were too quickly satisfied with the knowledge we had. Fortunately, today this is much more balanced.

5: What will you take with you from your Convident experience through the rest of your career?

Mainly that you are stronger together than alone. Both gaining knowledge and sharing it with colleagues are good bases for a great company.

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