Employee Story

Intern UX design / frontend development

Nieck Pesman
UX Design / Frontend Development
Date of publicity: 24 August 2021

Internship Experience of Nieck Pesman

Curious about the Internship Experience of Nieck Pesman? Read hear the findings of Nieck.

1: How did you generally experience your internship at Convident?

As an internship which is at a high level! I was able to develop myself extremely fast at Convident, by being allowed to work project-based within the organisation. I executed big and important design and web development tasks as an intern and finish them together with the professional help of my colleagues.


2: Were you well received by our colleagues?

Despite the corona pandemic, there was always a positive and pleasant work environment during my internship. The colleagues are very friendly and not afraid to give you the responsibility to do certain tasks.


3: Would you recommend future interns to do their internship at Convident?

Yes, the nice thing about this internship place is that you are not treated as an intern by your colleagues. They are always willing to listen to you and try to bring your best self out. Convident as an internship spot also offers all assistance and support for a great collaboration!

4: How would you rate your internship at Convident?

As an 8, it truly was an excellent internship! At Convident, I was able to easily cross off all my internship learning outcomes one by one. During my internship, I sometimes received guidance from another person, but that was completely dependent on the given tasks. A correct transfer of communication, however, caused there to be enough clarity of all the tasks for my counsellor.


5: What are you remembering after your chapter at Convident?

Partly because of my personal development during this internship, I dared to start my own enterprise. Convident has given me technical knowledge through an education UX design and development internship with professional guidance. Aside from this, my internship did also lead me to some extremely valuable contacts with the team and the supervisors of the organisation. Which might lead to a possible future collaboration.

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