Employee Story

Frontend developer

Merel van der Wees
Frontend developer
Date of publicity: 19 March 2023

Work experience of Merel van der Wees

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1: How did you experience your work at Convident (general)?

I had a great time at Convident, both the clients and the related projects were very diverse and offered fun challenges.


2: Were you well received by our colleagues (work atmosphere)?

The collaboration was very pleasant and there was a good ratio of professionals at work and social chatting over lunch or a friday afternoon drink.


 3: Would you recommend future employees to work at Convident?

It is a fun workplace with a good working atmosphere, depending on what your starting point is you will quickly learn to work with tight deadlines.

4: What grade would you give your work at Convident and why?

Because of the above I would give working at Convident an 8.

5: What will you take with you from Convident to the rest of your career?

Switching quickly and always properly defining the scope of a project.

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