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Intern Online Marketing

Maria Zankova
Online Marketing
Date of publicity: 10 January 2024

Internship experience of Maria Zankova

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How did you experience the internship at Convident (in general)?

In my opinion, this is the best internship a student can have. I had to do various assignments for the online marketing department. This has given me a lot of impressions and experience. I have learned a lot about discipline, and I have seen how important it is to have good communication with colleagues.

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2. Have you been well received by our colleagues (working atmosphere)?

Everyone in the Convident team is very kind, and if I have a question or a problem, everyone is always willing to help me. Since the beginning, I have been assisted by colleagues from the web development team to have a good start with all the online marketing assignments. People here are busy with many different projects, but if I need help, they always made time for me to find a solution. The company is constantly growing, and employees are becoming busier. Despite this, the working atmosphere always remains calm and friendly.


3. Would you recommend future interns to do an internship at Convident?

Yes, I think Convident is a very good place for students to gain a new experience.

4. What grade do you give your internship at Convident and why?

I give Convident an 8.5. The internship is very flexible, and you learn a lot through various assignments. The colleagues are very kind, and if you have a problem, they always try to help you.

5. What do you take from Convident to the next step in your career?

I think the most important lesson for me has been that if you work hard, you can achieve anything in life. Hard work always yields results and is always noticed. As Oprah Winfrey always said, “When you do well – people notice. When you do your best – that is noticed too.”

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