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Intern International Business and Languages

Louise van Dijk
International Business & Languages
Date of publicity: 24 August 2021

Internship Experience of Louise van Dijk

Curious about the Internship Experience of Louise van Dijk? Here are the findings of Louise.


1: How did you generally experience your internship at Convident?

I did my graduating internship for the educational programme International Business and Languages. During these 5 months, I had a brilliant time at Convident. This was because the project I had to work on (a business plan for the year 2025) was interesting and challenging, which caused me to get to know a lot about the organisation. Aside from this, I also counselled a group of students at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences with an export project they were executing for Convident. Because of Corona, I mainly worked at home and 1 time a week at the office, but the constant contact with the colleagues through different channels, definitely made up for it.

2: Did you feel accepted by our colleagues (work atmosphere)?

One of the things I really appreciated at Convident was the open and informal work environment. You immediately become involved in the communication processes and their way of work. Everyone is prepared to help you with problems or questions and often there were organised coffee moments for the interns. This helped me to immediately feel at home and made me feel that my input was appreciated.


3: Would you recommend future interns to do their internship at Convident?

I would definitely recommend future interns to do your internship at Convident because there is a lot to learn. Personally, I did my graduating internship at Convident, which created a very nice ending to my period of study.

4: How would you rate your internship at Convident and why?

I would rate my internship at Convident to be a 9 because I experienced a very fun and educational. The communication ran extremely smooth, which partly helped to create a great finished product. The only difficult thing was working from home, at the beginning of the internship. This requires a great amount of planning and forces you to follow a certain kind of structure. But this was just a question of adaptation!

5: What are you remembering after your chapter at Convident?

Something that I will remember during my future career after my time at Convident, is the knowledge about the business life that I have acquired. Learning about internal processes has given me a better idea of how everything works and what the functions entail. This is how you see the theory that is taught at school actually in practice at work. Aside from that, I have learned through conversations with Rick how you can find the right employee and which functions in the future of my career, will suit me best.

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