Employee Story

Intern UX Design / Front-end Development

Lennert Fabriek
UX Design / Front-end Development
Date of publicity: 20 March 2023

Internship experience of Lennert Fabriek

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1: How did you experience the internship at Convident (general)?

I experienced the internship at Convident as incredibly fun and educational! During the first week I was very well trained by the project manager. During the first week I was allowed to start working for clients and I learned a lot of new things. Coding is going much better and I have used the scrum method in real life. During the internship I was able to do both design and development projects. This combination makes it very diverse for me and so I work on the entire process. I learned an awful lot. I can translate a design into a custom programmed website. Because of the cool projects and the fun team at Convident, my internship went incredibly fast.


2: Were you well received by our colleagues (work atmosphere)?

I was well received by the entire Convident team from the beginning. Right from the interview I knew I was going to be well supported. The project manager made this happen with an excellent induction program. During the internship, I could always approach colleagues and there was always someone with the right expertise to help me. There was also always room for socializing, which made the work atmosphere nice.


3: Would you recommend future interns to do an internship at Convident?

For a diverse, educational and fun internship that challenges you, Convident is the right place! I would definitely recommend future interns to do an internship at Convident.


4: What grade would you give your internship at Convident and why?

I give Convident a 9 because they gave me the opportunity to develop myself into a professional. I was able to realize various projects for clients. Besides hard work, there is room for sociability at Convident.


5: What will you take with you from Convident to the rest of your career?

Besides everything I have learned, I take with me that working in a team increases energy enormously. I have enjoyed working at Convident and that is something I definitely want to take with me to the rest of my career.

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