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Laura Maes
Online Marketing
Date of publicity: 1 December 2021

Internship Experience of Laura Maes

Curious about the internship experience of Laura Maes? Read here the findings of Laura.

1: How did you generally experience your internship at Convident?

During a period of 14 weeks, I did my graduating internship and thesis for the course international internship and bachelor thesis at Convident. This was for the educational programme International Entrepreneurship and Business Management at Artevelde University of Applied Sciences in Ghent. I was happy when Convident gave me the chance, as an international student, to do my internship there. Because Convident is an enterprise that offers students a supportive and educational internship. Which is how I experienced my internship. Besides that, there is also a nice work environment because of the rather informal organisation culture. Which makes it the perfect place to do your graduating internship!

2: Were you well received by our colleagues?

Certainly, from the beginning, I was offered the option to do a job shadowing day, so I could already meet everyone. This caused me to have less stress during my first internship day because I had already met some people. There is also a good atmosphere, which makes it a nice working environment to do your internship. It is also never a problem to ask questions because those are always more than welcome. Besides that you are also well supported when it comes to your schoolwork, to ensure that both parties get the wished outcome.


3: Would you recommend future interns to do their internship at Convident?

Absolutely! At Convident, you are listened to as an intern and you also receive excellent guidance. It was also nice not to be the only intern during the duration of my internship at Convident because it gives some comfort that there are peers present who are in the same boat as you. And because of this, Convident is perfectly prepared for interns and the kind of tasks they are able to do. That is why they also appreciate when you give your own input and tell them the tasks you are good at and that you like to do. This all coincides with feedback moments about your work performance.


4: How would you rate your internship at Convident and why?

I would rate my internship at an 8 out of 10. The reasoning behind this is that there is always room for improvement, even though I incredibly enjoyed my internship at Convident. It was an educational and useful experience within my formation and, they also supported me brilliantly when I had to clearly define my thesis. In general, I am satisfied with how my internship period went. It was also nice that I could sometimes work from home, especially because I had to commute quite long to Groningen, which took about 3 hours on a daily basis. So that was certainly advantageous when I could sometimes do my schoolwork or tasks at home.

5: What are you remembering after your chapter at Convident?

My internship period gave me some ideas for my professional life in the future. Besides that, I have also learned a lot about online marketing and got acquainted with several new terms. It was especially useful to see the differences between the business approach of Dutch and Belgian businesses. Also, the cultural and language difference has taught me a lot and is extremely valuable as an addition to my working experience. Besides that, I have also learned a lot about the online environment in general. And more importantly, I learned a lot about myself!

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