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Intern Marketing & Communicatie

Fien Hinoul
Online marketing
Date of publicity: 19 March 2023

Internship experience of Fien Hinoul

Curious about Fien Hinoul’s internship experience? Read Fien’s findings here.

1: How did you experience the internship at Convident (in general)?

The internship at Convident was educational; there are an incredibly large number of projects you can be a part of and learn from. The only pitfall is that you have to learn how to plan effectively and manage your schedule.




2: Have you been well received by our colleagues (working atmosphere)?


Yes, I was part of the online marketing team with Sander, Chris, and Timo. The atmosphere was always lively, but we also worked hard. Every Monday, we had a weekly meeting where we discussed everything we were going to do in the week.

3: Would you recommend future interns to do an internship at Convident?

If web design, online marketing, SEO, and SEA is your thing, then you should definitely come and do an internship at Convident!




4: What grade do you give your internship at Convident and why?

7/10, I learned a lot in the field of online marketing, but I also realized that I need to look further before finding something that I am truly passionate about!



5: What will you take with you from Convident to the rest of your career?

I have learned a lot about how to manage my time effectively. Right from the beginning, it was important to schedule everything properly through the calendar. This is something that I will always benefit from. I also learned a lot about work-life balance: how to let go of work when you’re at home and how to still enjoy being a student.



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