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Erik Witteveen
Date of publicity: 19 March 2023

Work experience of Erik Witteveen

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1: Hoe heb je je werk bij Convident ervaren (algemeen)?

I experienced working at Convident as very pleasant. We have a nice office with a good atmosphere and up to date devices, hardware and software. We work on nice PCs and there is always room for improvement. Do you prefer an Apple PC? Then it will be arranged. The general atmosphere at Convident is pleasant and there is always room for conversation, a joke or a game, but we also work very seriously and hard, which I really appreciate. The balance between hard work and a nice chat is very good.


I experienced the development function within Convident as fun and very instructive. There is also room within this position to develop yourself and the idea is given that one always looks at what suits the company best. But at the same time also what suits the person best, in short a great combination to grow. The work is busy and demanding but during my time at Convident I have learned a lot about project management (planning and regulating hours), development and the general structure within our professional clients. Therefore, my working period has been an extremely instructive period that will be very useful now and in the future. I hope to learn a lot more with and from Convident in the coming years.


I was able to give my ideas for growth and development not only in the monthly management meetings, but also continuously during the execution of work. Often my ideas were acted upon and implemented. Thus, I was allowed to develop my own ideas to improve the quality of work, which I currently see as one of Convident’s great USP pillars.



2: Were you well received by our colleagues (working atmosphere)?

From moment one, I have been included by the colleagues at Convident as a full team member in not only the work but also the activities within Convident. I’ve had great experiences with the communication within the team. There was a lot of communication at the start of the day, so you always have a good start to your day. On Friday afternoon I was also able to show off my gaming skills in a game of Krunker with the entire team to end the week. This was a temporary substitute for the Friday afternoon drinks because Corona prevailed. This is one example of the activities arranged within Convident.



3: Would you recommend future employees to work at Convident?

I would definitely recommend future employees to work at Convident. I believe Convident is an incredibly good place to grow in the areas of development, marketing and project management. There is a lot of knowledge within the organization and if you have the drive to put this to use, everyone wants to help you. At whatever opportunity.

Even if you have all the tricks of the trade, there is still room within Convident to broaden your knowledge. For example, there are quarterly KPI meetings with the HR manager within the organization to talk about your own developments and the developments that Convident would like to expand on. In addition, you can always walk in to discuss your ideas with the board, management or colleagues. Within Convident there is also the possibility to work out your own ideas and we are constantly improving and implementing new techniques. Do you have a good idea about this? Then everyone in the organization is listening attentively to what you have to say and whether this is a workable and feasible plan.

4: How would you rate working at Convident and why?

I give working at Convident an 8, it is a good place to learn the ropes and broaden yourself. Also, Convident is a place of hard work and constant improvement, which sometimes requires a lot from a developer. Do you stand your ground, do you like an informal working atmosphere and are you willing to work hard and keep your promises? Then Convident is a great organization to start or grow in design, development and (online) marketing!

5: What will you take with you from Convident to the rest of your career?

At Convident, I learned a lot about development and project management and was able to develop many of my own ideas. I was also able to improve my existing knowledge of programming. What I take with me going forward in my career is an attitude that I was taught at Convident to tackle problems and always provide an appropriate solution to a problem or nice development. This regardless of the status, person or urgency of the problem or question.

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