Employee Story

Projectmanager and Lead UX-design

Dirk-Jan Meertens
Development, design and projectmanagement
Date of publicity: 16 September 2022

Work experience of Dirk-Jan Meertens

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1: How did you experience your work at Convident (in general)?

Challenging! Convident’s portfolio offers employees the space to deploy creativity and innovation. This is what Convident works on every day. It is motivating to see ideas come to fruition after a process of close contact with clients. Even on the busy days, this ensures that you walk out the door with satisfaction after every working day.


2: Have you been well received by our colleagues (working atmosphere)?

From day 1 I felt a strong sense of welcome from my colleagues. As a new employee you are quickly included in the team and there is always someone open for a short chat. This is also what makes a workplace fun in my eyes. Despite the period in which we worked together more often (or completely) from home, the people of Convident form a strong team. Take a walk during the breaks or race against each other on PlayStation, it’s all part of it.


3: Would you recommend future employees to work at Convident?

Absolutely and without a doubt. We are a growing team and I think you get a lot of opportunities here. I can give future colleagues positive advice to join Convident from two perspectives. In the first place from internships. Convident has a strong team of professionals who enjoy sharing their knowledge. You will have your own workplace at the office. This workplace is divided per department so that you have short lines of communication with your supervisor during your internship. As an employee of Convident, I would recommend that you stop hesitating and just become my colleague! The company offers its people many opportunities and time flies by.


4: What grade do you give your work at Convident and why?

Of course there is always room for improvement everywhere, but Convident is a real frontrunner when it comes to “Working at” issue. I give it a solid 9/10. The organization is aware of the fact that employees are the engine of the company and rewards the team for this. Fun team outings, appreciation, and above all – safety. As an employee you experience that managers are ready for the team.

5: What will you take with you from Convident to the rest of your career?

The future of my career right now is Convident. From my current position and experience at Convident, I mainly take with me how important communication is. This applies both internally and externally. Good communication goes hand in hand with transparency. In my current position, this mainly relates to sharing schedules, plans and managing everyone’s expectations. very nice!

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