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Stagiair Human resource management

Corné Zijlstra
Human Resource Management
Date of publicity: 10 January 2022

The internship experience of Corné Zijlstra

Curious about the internship-work experience of Corné Zijlstra? Read below about Corné’s thoughts.


1: How did you experience your internship-work at Convident (overall)?

During a period of 20 weeks, I performed my exploratory Human resource management internship at Convident, on behalf of the Business Administration study at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen. I experienced my internship period as a very positive one. The Convident employees take plenty of time to answer your questions and offer instructive guidelines and feedback whenever needed.

2: Did you feel accepted by our colleagues (working atmosphere)?

From the start I was welcomed with open arms. Before I started my internship, I already had a chat with most of the employees, so you knew each other before the internship actually started. During the internship period I had many conversations with colleagues about all kinds of things. The working atmosphere within the organisation is very pleasant and motivating.


3: Would you recommend future employees to work at Convident?

Definitely! During your internship, the team will carefully listen to your questions and you will be well guided. As an intern you will be involved in many activities and you will quickly feel at home within the organisation. Personally, I learned a lot about the issue I wanted to learn more about: human resource management.


4: How would you grade your work at Convident and why?

I rate my internship with an 8. The questions I asked were answered quickly and well, so I could quickly continue with my work. I also often received feedback about the work I had done. There was certainly some room for improvement, but I really enjoyed my internship.

5: What will you take from Convident for the rest of your career?

During my internship I was able to gain a lot of knowledge and experience. The work I did was educational and fun. I also learned a lot in the field of (online) marketing. I was also able to improve my personal skills within Convident, especially in the field of communication and collaboration. The internship also taught me a lot about what I want in the future. I would like to thank Convident for the fun and educational time!

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