Employee Story

Online Marketer

Chris Joling
Online marketing
Date of publicity: 26 January 2021

The work experience of Chris Joling

Are you curious about the work experience of Chris Joling? Read below about Chris’ thoughts.

1: How did you experience your work at Convident (overall)?

After working as a SEA Specialist at my previous employer, I wanted to broaden my knowledge in the field of online marketing by gaining more knowledge in the field of SEO and measuring websites. At Convident, I get plenty of opportunities and tools to improve myself and increase my knowledge in the above points. The basis of my position remains SEA, but I do get crucial insights into the other online marketing channels and I broaden my knowledge.

My work is very diverse within Convident, which means that every day is different and that makes the work very interesting.

2: Did you feel accepted by our colleagues (working atmosphere)?

At Convident I was well received within the online marketing team and I immediately felt at ease. The working atmosphere at Convident is very pleasant and there is a good mix between hard work and having fun within the team.


3: Would you recommend future employees to work at Convident?

Yes, I would definitely recommend the company. The work is very diverse and we have nice customers to work for. There is also a lot of room within Convident to develop yourself, so that you can also grow within the company.


4: What grade would you give to your work at Convident and why?

I give Convident as a workplace a big 8. The working atmosphere is pleasant, the customers we are working for are very nice, plenty of opportunities to develop yourself, and the great team hang-outs complete the picture.

5: What will you take with you from your Convident experience through the rest of your career?

My knowledge and skills in the field of SEA, Social and SEO, the responsibility to manage customers themselves and to do this in a good way.

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