Employee Story

Intern Communication multimedia & design

Ali Syed Wajahat
Intern Communication multimedia & design
Date of publicity: 15 December 2022

Internship experience of Ali Syed Wajahat

Curious about the internship experience of Ali Syed Wajahat? Read Ali’s findings here.

1. How did you experience the internship at Convident (general)?

The experience during the internship at Convident was quite good and fun for me. During the first week I was trained by the projectmanager and got to know about the work flow of
the company. In the start of the internship I was given the task related to the graphic design, that gave me the chance to get use to with the company style. One thing which was not new for me but i had to use scrum method in the professional life, this ethic taught me about managing the work flow. During the second half of the internship I started designing website/responsive which was good learning too. This is how the intenship went so quick, this is one of the good experience I had so far, and credit goes to the team I have worked with at Convident who were supportive.

2. Have you been well received by our colleagues (working atmosphere)?

I have been well recieved by the team at Convident, from the day one I was treated good enough by my colleagues. Whenever I was stuck with any problem any one of them were always there to help me out and gave the solution of the problem. The atmosphere was quite easy going and friendly which made my internship period very much pleasant.


3. Would you recommend future interns to do an internship at Convident?

I would recommend future interns to do an intership because here you can get different challenges with different fun activities.

4. How would you rate your internship at Convident and why?

There is always room for everything, but I would rate Convident with 9 the reason becasue here I have learned some new things and gave me the opportunity to become a good professional which will help for the future.

5. What will you take with you from Convident to the rest of your career?

At last, I would say that working in the good and friendly enviornment always gave me energy, motivation and especially all the learnings I have done here at Convident will lead me towards the better path in my career. Thanks to all the colleagues who encourage me to work hard which means alot to me.

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